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By far one of the more fun projects I’ve been able to manage. Working with Nintendo is always a pleasure because they allow for more creative direction. RHYTHM HEAVEN, in particular, was a hybrid build using both HTML and flash components we built custom video players, animation, and designs using assets from RHYTHM HEAVEN's game.



This TIME WARNER project, I believe, was the most visually appealing and user friendly out of all our previous projects. My team and I designed 3-D renderings as well as developed flash animation to provide a stimulating experience for users to learn more about TIME WARNER's Global Media Group. Alongside the site, was a freshly designed, custom coded new internal blog for TIME WARNER.

*Blog is password protected for internal purposes only.



The MACY’S BELIEVE site was part of a strong promotional campaign during the holidays allowing users to “Be Clause.” My team and I developed a standalone site using 3-D renders, animation, and flash customization that would provide users with the option to upload their own photo, manipulate it, add facial features and mobility to the face, as well as select an animated background. My team and I also worked with social networking platforms such as mobile ability and Facebook applications to work alongside their marketing strategy.

*This site is no longer live.


SHARP: Life Changing Box

When SHARP released four new flat screen televisions, they envisioned a site that would capture elements that each TV specialized. My team and I created 3-D environments, flash animation with the use of papervision, and custom video players to enhance the experience.

*This is site is no longer live.



GE's push on providing sustainable power with the development of their latest wind turbines, bore the concept of creating an augmented reality piece for their IMAGINATION AT WORK microsite.

Developing this piece in a realistic 3-D environment as well as updated the design for the Chinese hosted site proved challenging with a 3 week deadline; However, the end result spoke for itself and GE, along with their Chinese audience were able to appreciate the user interaction and the purpose behind GE’s concept.

ge imagination at work details


METROID PRIME: TRILOGY, completing the Metroid Prime series, Nintendo envisioned a microsite that would tie in all three games as part of this trilogy pack. Using flash 3-D animation and HTML, my team and I were able to build a hybrid microsite that would live on multiple browsers, including the Wii.

metroid prime nintendo details


When MAMA SHELTER opened their doors in Paris, they sought to create a website that would cater to the same clientele they received at their avant-garde, 172 room abode. The artist, the entrepreneur, the musician, the traveller, the “foodie” are all welcome to their country side hotel and can virtually feel the same experience through their website, which, to say the least lured them to MAMA SHELTER in the first place.

Given a three-month turnaround, I came on board one month in and took lead, managing the user experience, design, and the development teams, all the while facilitating communication and feedback with our French clients.

mama shelter details