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SAUZA: Make It With A Lifeguard

With the success of Sauza’s “Make It…” campaigns, they continued to move strong with 2013’s Make It With A Lifeguard. 

As the digital agency, we were able to capture stills from the TVC shoot to use for all digital work from site updates to social postings and templates. We also created a few “keepsakes” for users in the form of screensaves for desktop and mobile, and calendars to print.





HORNITOS: Not Just Any Tequila

Hornitos launched the Not Just Any Tequila campaign in 2013. As the digital creative agency, we were responsible for designing and developing media ad banners, social postings and templates, and of course a website to provide product information, events, recipes, and other social media.

The GIF backgrounds of the website were created in a one day shoot which I had the opportunity of producing with a talented team of creatives, photographer and production crew.

I also participated in going to our partner agency’s TVC shoot in order to capture still photography for use in our client’s social networks.





TWIX: LEFT Twix® RIGHT Twix® Campaign

For Twix’s 2012 campaign, we brought to life the Left versus Right Twix idea and created an HTML site to support TV and print. With the redesign of Twix, along with other MARS brands, our team also faced the issue of making all MARS brands compliant with their nutritional standards. As a result, we were able to create a template for all MARS brands to follow moving forward, from content creation to design/working Photoshop files.

Midway through the campaign, we also launched a sweepstakes that included SMS entry, mobile accessibility, and a full desktop experience.

I had the opportunity to work with a great creative team and oversee our digital production partners.



Working alongside the development team from Apple, we were able to design and build a custom iAd for the American Express Zync Card.

The goal for the iAd experience was to have it be just as customizable as the Zync card so we’ve built several elements to the iAd including a profile creator in which a user is able to select packs based on their own interests (from food to travel to fashion), and a music download section where they can also download full tracks from the TV spots for free.

The banners were placed in affinity-targeted apps (ex. Pandora, NYTimes, Huff Post)  running now through February 26.

The iAd also won Mobile of the Day on FWA:

And below you can view the “full” experience:



As part of the effort to celebrate and bring awareness to New Balance’s first flagship store in New York City, our client decided to build an iPhone app game equipped with a video component. I produced the video content that would be used for the iPhone app game as well as an in-store piece.



For GAP’s 1969 Fall Campaign, I had the opportunity to produce several online advertisement pieces including standard and rich media banners, video content, and additional creatives that would live across GAP’s Adult and Kids/Baby collections.

I worked alongside the broadcast, digital influence, digital strategy, account, and creative teams to provide the over arching campaign assets and technical support for all legs of the campaign which included YouTube videos, partnered content, Facebook content, along with additional social media assets.




Timbuk2 was a large scale project with multiple features including e-commerce, a custom built flash bag builder, HTML/CSS built catalog pages, along with a large admin for users to update the site. Using the client’s current data and assets, we built a much more user friendly experience, an admin friendly CMS, and a site that was visually appealing to consumers.

Site Launch: November 2010



With the success of the previous Metroid Prime Trilogy microsite, Nintendo worked with us again in creating the user experience, designing, and developing their new Metroid game release, Metroid:Other M. After Mario, Metroid is their second largest franchise and it was important to showcase the game’s latest features, story line, and other online offers.



Designing, developing, and processing the user experience for a new clothing line, ONASSIS, was a breath of fresh air. Not only are we producing a site that caters to fashion forward men, but we are also developing an e-commerce platform for consumers and wholesalers alike.



Again working with the 2K Games team, we designed and developed the site for CIVILIZATION V. Creating an HTML/Flash hybrid site, users are able to view seamless flash animation and transitions while having the ease and functionality of a static build.


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   Guest Contributor for IMPRINT CULTURE LAB.

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   Featured Blogger UNIQLO’s VOICES OF NEW YORK.

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   Guest Correspondent REELZ CHANNEL.


   Contributing Editor COOLER MAG.



Having worked with 2K Games in the past, I have previously gained their trust in creativity and development. This project’s goal was different in that that we were asked to provide storyboards, graphic animation, and development for the introduction of the actual game, MAFIA II.

*Scheduled to release Summer 2010.



When my team and I were approached to design and build a virtual world for young horse enthusiasts, we were excited to test our creative abilities to develop a realistic world for young equestrians.

EQUESTRIAN NEIGHTION is a full 3-D virtual world where users can customize their own horse, purchase treats, groom, and play multiple learning games.

 We also won FWA's site of the day:



The AXE campaign drove consumers to visit “THE FIXERS" site. Here, users would be able to "play" pranks on their friends through social media tools. We built photo manipulation gags, custom video players and channels through YouTube, as well as building a fake database to show a user has signed up for a false site. Each of these "pranks" were created for sharing through across multiple networking sites.



ENVIGA invested their interest in building a site that would help market their carbonated green teas, as healthier solution to burn calories. My team and I designed, developed, and rendered assets delivered to present a realistic experience for consumers to learn and trust Nestea’s latest family member.